Ensuring Participatory Governance: A Handbook for Members of the Local Development Council (LDC)

February 14th, 2016 | by Balaod Mindanaw


The project “Strengthening the Nine Local Province of Bukidnon” incorporates insights learned from Local Government Support Programme’s (LGSP) Phase II project, the Local Chief Executive Development Management Program (LDMP). Through the local resource partner of LGSP, the Resource Center for Empowerment and Development (RCED), BALAOD Mindanaw was assigned as on-site coach in 8 municipalities in Bukidnon, namely: Impasugong, Maramag, Kalilangan, Kadingilan, Damulog, Dangcagan, Quezon, Kitaotao and the City of Malaybalay. With LDMP, the Mayors and the Executive Agenda Teams were assisted in formulating their Executive Agenda that includes the identification of capacity needs of the Local Government Units. Parallel to the implementation of the LDMP was the conduct of another major activity, the CSO/PO, profiling and initial Capacity Building Needs Assessment.

BALAOD Mindanaw through these projects recognizes the Local Development Council as a very important stakeholder in charting the economic, socio-cultural and political development of a community and in ensuring that ordinary community folks actively participate in it. Considering this crucial and critical role and the fact that the LDCs have just recently been reconsitituted, BALAOD stresses the need for the enhancement of the knowledge and skills of the LDCU of the LDC members and their Executive Committee in running the Development Council to be able to provide significant contribution to the development of their respective local governments.

In strengthening the LDCs, BALAOD Mindanaw implemented a training program focused on harnessing their knowledge, skills and even their perspective in identifying and adopting priority development interventions responds to the application for the poor and marginalized in their area. This handbook is a compilation of the modules used in the implementation of the modules used in the implementation is a compilation of the modules used in the implementation of the training design.

Concepts and principles of Sustainable Integrated Area Development, Alternative law, participatory governance and gender responsive development planning are incorporated in this handbook. Modules that enhance the skills of the local development council in prioritizing identified community issues, participatory development planning, local legislation and consensus building are also included. An integral part of this handbook is the tool that was used to help the LCD members identify criteria and indicators in adopting development proposals submitted to them for adoption.

We hope that his handbook will be of help not only to the Local Development Councils of the cities, municipalities and the barangays but also to other local special bodies. We would like to thank the nine Local Government Units of the Province of Bukidnon as well as the Local Government Support Programme (LGSP), particularly its office in Region 10 in helping us develop this handbook. This is BALAOD Mindanaw’s humble contribution towards promoting participatory governance.