Formulating the Legislative Agenda: A Facilitator’s Manual

February 14th, 2016 | by Balaod Mindanaw


Legislative Agenda and Legislative Agenda Development.

A legislative agenda refers to a package of legislative reforms or initiatives to address the short-term and long-term needs and demands of the inhabitants. It is the embodiment of priority policy proposals or legislative actions perceived to rationalize and provide direction to the overall development of the locality. It is also defined as a consolidation of prioritized and chronologically ordered list of proposed legislative items scheduled for consideration over the annual calendar of a legislative body. This is the bases for drafting proposed legislative measures that may be in the form of ordinances or resolutions.

Specifically, it allows a Sanggunian to plain its course of action, establish priorities, and set accomplishment targets based on the immediate needs of its constituency. Designed to cover the term of elected Sanggunian members, it can likewise enhance their accountability by serving as a monitoring tool for their performance.

On the other hand, legislative agenda development is a process whereby the needs, demands, and aspirations of individuals, organized groups, or of the community, as a whole, are translated into a legislative blueprint or road map as a basic reference document from which may evolve ordinances or resolutions to be enacted by the Sanggunian.